The SOUPer Bowl Story

Allen D. Nease high school has a long tradition of students working to end hunger.  Nease students run a program where they purchase food, pack it into weekend amounts, and deliver it to other St. Johns County schools for food-insecure students.  Since 2016, this program has been funded with proceeds from the SOUPer Bowl.  The SOUPer Bowl has been adopted as the annual service project for the junior class in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.  These students, and students from the Career Academies at Nease, devote hundreds of hours to promoting and working the SOUPer Bowl.

SOUPer Bowl's 2020 charity recipient is Hugs Across the County, a 501c(3) 100% volunteer based non-profit organization.  Hugs partners with St Johns County schools to identify food insecure students and assists by stocking food pantries at schools, sending home weekend nourishment, and providing bags of food to cover long holiday breaks.